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CEREC is a revolutionary restorative dental technology and process now available to those in the Triangle area through Lifetime Family Dentistry. It transforms what used to be the laborious and multi-visit procedures of fillings, crowns, or veneers into a single visit procedure. The acronym breaks down in the following way:

  • Chairside:  The advanced technological machines that make the process possible are all in your CEREC-approved dentist’s office.
  • Economical:  Making the operation in-house and efficient decreases the costs for both the patient and the dentist.
  • Restorations:  The procedure focuses on restoring the former glory of your original teeth.
  • Esthetic:  These all-ceramic, metal-free, and tooth-colored materials ensure the appearance and beauty of the new filling, crown, or veneer.
  • Ceramic:  The ceramics themselves have a variety of shades to match your natural tooth colors for maximum consistency between them. And the high-strength composite helps to restore the structural integrity of the repaired tooth or teeth.
What Can CEREC Do?

CEREC is most commonly used to restore any decaying, broken, or weakened teeth and to replace and repair old fillings and crowns, especially those made of amalgam/metal which creates damage to the tooth structure. The CEREC software can be used to restore fillings (Inlays), onlays (partial crowns), crowns, and veneers. It can focus on one tooth, or create multiple restorations at once, again saving time and money by more efficiently and effectively handling multiple problems.


What Is a CEREC Procedure Like?

The CEREC procedure begins with a consultation that determines which of the available treatments is most suited to the problem. This is based upon the amount of the healthy tooth remaining, and the extent of the damage caused by previous fillings, treatments, or lack of oral maintenance. The preparation proceeds as it would for any restorative procedure; providing an anesthetic if necessary and removing the decayed portions of the tooth. Then, the CEREC Acquisition Unit, which is a medical-grade computer with a 3-dimensional camera, helps fulfill the treatment.

Lifetime Family Dentistry Is an Approved-CEREC Provider

What is remarkable and revolutionary about CEREC is the fact that the procedure allows customers to walk in the door one morning, and leave the same day with the stunning results of a transformed smile. Our patients in Raleigh can rest assured that they will receive the best and most modern methods from Dr. Gudger and the Lifetime team. Call us to see if this procedure would be right for your dental needs.