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Changing the shape of our smiles has come a long way from metal and wire braces. There are many new options available for those in the Raleigh Durham area, but if you’re looking for cosmetic changes to the straightness of your teeth, you can’t get better than Six Month Smiles.

The Clear Braces of Six Month Smiles

Using a tooth colored brackets and wires, Six Month Smiles provides a nearly irritation-free adjustment to your smile without the aesthetic and physical negative issues that come with traditional metal braces.

Consultation and Installation

During your first consultation, custom impressions will be taken, and a custom program designs the new smile, as well as the path to it. The custom-fit cosmetic braces are then fabricated using computerized technology and sent to you with specific instructions on duration and care. They are resistant to clouding during use, and after an adjustment period, are not irritating or noticeable during daily activities.

Periodic visits will be required with Lifetime Family Dental to ensure that the proper progress is being made and to evaluate whether it is time for the next set.

Lifetime Family Dentistry Is Certified and Trained to Use Six Month Smiles

Those in Raleigh and the surrounding area who are over the age of 16, especially adults who missed out on braces during their formative years, now have a fresh new option with Six Month Smiles. No longer do crooked or spaced teeth affect your demeanor or your confidence. We can shift your teeth into proper position effectively, safely, and quickly. Now there is something to smile about!

Lifetime Family Dental has a manufacturer-certified and trained dentist. Clear braces like these are not available without the proper education and endorsements, so not any dentist can provide this service. Call today for more information.