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Dental implants are revolutionizing the lives of those who have been struggling with the inconvenient, uncomfortable, and unsecured replacements for teeth like bridges and dentures. Bridges and dentures come with immediate problems, like poor fit, sore spots, or shifting in your mouth while attempting to do normal activities like speaking or eating.

Lifetime Family Dental has invested in the latest education and techniques in dental implant technology because we are passionate about providing his patients with the best possible teeth replacement options in the industry. We received the Fellowship Award from the International Academy of Oral Implantologists in 2015 and has dedicated hundreds of hours to perfecting the procedures and techniques of restoring and planting dental implants.

Here in the Lifetime Family Dental office, we have a 3D cone beam x-ray which we have been using for the safe planning and replacing of missing teeth with a 97% success ratio within a very short period of time. The education, techniques, and equipment is on the cutting edge of teeth replacement and will likely replace all other options in the future.


To qualify for a dental implant, you must have healthy gums and a strong jaw bone to support the implant. If your sinuses are too close to your jaw, or your jawbone is too thin or soft, there are still solutions like a sinus lift or bone graft to help prepare your mouth for a dental implant. Most importantly, maintaining the health and hygiene of your gums is of paramount importance. Poor oral health habits like smoking or infrequent dental visits can threaten the strength of the bone structure, leading to implant failure.

If you want to finally return to a natural looking smile with teeth firmly rooted in your jaw, dental implants are the only options which can provide you with a permanent solution to lost and missing teeth. Lifetime Family Dental has dedicated ourselves to this treatment, knowing that it will give you the ability to eat what you want, interact with others without embarrassment, and restore the shape of your face and the feel of your teeth. Schedule a consultation today to see if these would be an option for you.