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Lifetime Family Dentistry serves those in Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle no matter their stage of life and oral health. If decay has reached a point where only a few teeth remain, or none at all, that is no reason to give up hope of a beautiful smile and a restored mouth. Dentures have been used for years to replace lost teeth, and there are a number of different options to choose from.

Who may need dentures?

Dentures are not right for everyone. A full mouth of dentures is not necessary, for example, if there are still some remaining healthy teeth. In many cases a patient will only need upper or lower dentures, as well. An upper denture covers over the roof of the mouth and lower one is shaped like a “U” to make room for your tongue. And whatever the situation, if you have lost your teeth through gum disease, injuries, or sickness, Lifetime Family Dental can restore your smile and give you the ability to eat, communicate, and function as if you still had your original teeth.

Having dentures placed

For conventional dentures, all the teeth must be extracted before the denture is placed. In many cases immediate dentures are provided to take the place of teeth while the gums and tissues heal before permanent dentures are made. It can take between six and 12 weeks for your gums to heal. In the meantime, 3D imagery and impressions will create the models of the final product, an acrylic appliance that will be perfectly carved to fit your unique mouth. It may take you some time to get used to eating and drinking, but it won’t take long before they feel normal and natural.

Dentures at Lifetime Family Dentistry

Lifetime Family Dental is experienced at placing dentures in even the most difficult situations. This process can be frightening to consider, but it is a great way to get a new beginning and more confidence in your smile. It is also a priority of ours to make sure our patients have a comfortable and safe visit, so we will do all we can to calm any anxieties around the procedure.