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The FastBraces Difference

We understand that whether you are an adult who wants to correct years of crooked teeth or a teen who wants a more attractive smile, our patients are interested in finding products that work comfortably and quickly.

Lifetime Family Dental is proud to announce we are an official Fastbraces provider. Fastbraces technology is built on three different patents which have lead to amazing results in fighting malocclusions and periodontal disease. Fastbraces technology helps patients avoid hurtful jaw surgeries and tooth extractions while giving them straighter teeth in a fraction of the time. Fastbraces technology allows for healthy bone growth and eruption through short treatment times.

This alternative to standard orthodontic treatment methods has seen success with patients across the country in helping people fix overbites, underbites, crowding, crooked teeth, gaps, open bites, and crossbites.

Stop by Lifetime Family Dental for a comprehensive consultation.

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Lifetime Family Dental
a proud FASTBRACES® provider:
braces technology that is fast,
safe and affordable.
Lifetime Family Dentistry Is Certified and Trained

Those in Raleigh and the surrounding area who missed out on braces during their formative years, now have a new option. No longer do crooked or spaced teeth affect your demeanor or your confidence. We can shift your teeth into proper position effectively, safely, and quickly. Now there is something to smile about!

Lifetime Family Dental has a manufacturer-certified and trained dentist. The FastBraces Service is not available without the proper education and endorsements, so not any dentist can provide this service. Call today for more information.