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Most adults, however, have not had the benefit of this advanced sealants technology until now, and the result is a barrage of minor damage, of the effects of minimal erosion to our enamel, and of superficial cracks and fractures. Any of these initial negative impacts on our teeth which are not severe enough to warrant inlays, onlays, or crowns, have always been handled through fillings. Primarily, fillings are used as a restorative measure, addressing the small cavity crevices created from decay, for the purposes of returning them to their original contours, condition and capabilities.

Although there are a number of potential materials that can be used to provide an appropriate repair and strengthening effect, Lifetime Family Dental is proudly a mercury-free practice which eliminates any amalgams, or “silver fillings,” which actually include a variety of metals. Over time, it has been discovered that these substances expand and contract with age, allowing for access back into the original cavity, transforming a minor level of decay into an unknown growing problem. Additionally, silver fillings consist of around 50 percent mercury which has been proven to corrode; leaking, weakening, and staining your teeth and gums.

Lifetime Family Dental is passionate about reversing this unfortunate dental trend and have a process that will replace your previous silver filling. Our tooth-colored fillings take advantage of new bonding technologies to guarantee a tight and proper fit. And this filling resin is made from porcelain for an unobtrusive look and contains fluoride to assist in preventing decay.

If you still have silver fillings, we urge you to call for more information about our restorative resin filling and the easy 2-visit process that the replacement would involve. Your dental health is our highest priority, and we cannot ignore our responsibility to repair the damages that mistakes in the dental field have had on a multitude of patients.


Outside of preventative care, the simplest way to protect the integrity of a tooth’s enamel is a sealant. No one can fully escape the corrosive influence of plaque and tartar on their teeth, especially the back teeth where chewing is concentrated and therefore more susceptible to damage and decay. Bacteria will always invade every crevice and porous surface on a tooth, inviting with it the destructive sugars and acids that break down the protective coating that we are born with.

Up until recently, the only weapons we were armed with in the battle to prevent bacteria from creating plaque and tartar was our regimen of brushing, flossing, and fluoride. But now things have changed. Although dental sealants are not new in general, the latest in sealant technology has transformed what was a slow and inevitable loss of the protection of enamel into an enforced surface area, armed with the bonding of advanced micro-thin plastics which seeped in and smoothed out all the nasty vulnerabilities of our teeth.

Sealants have become deniers of decay. These tooth-colored acrylic coatings are painted easily and quickly over the surfaces of our teeth’s deepest trenches and creases setting up a barricade that rebuffs any attempt to diminish or decay the strength of our enamel. Within a few minutes of its application, the sealants used by Lifetime Family Dental comprehensively insulates the parts of your teeth that cannot be reached by brushing and flossing, shielding even the most used tooth surfaces against corrosion for an average of five to 10 years.

It is strongly recommended that children take advantage of this technology to properly start their lifetime of dental health. But adults can safeguard their teeth as well, hopefully avoiding the costly measures typically expected down the line to be necessary to repair and restore damage and decay.