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Dental veneers are a restorative process using thin layers of porcelain laminate that are bonded to your teeth with an adhesive layer. Although this may seem similar to dental bonding, veneers have a few advantages, including:

  • Being more permanent
  • Having a stronger structure
  • Looking more natural
  • More precisely reconstructing the functionality of natural teeth

Lifetime Family Dentistry in Raleigh uses porcelain veneers on our patients as a regular option.

When to Choose Veneers

Veneers are most appropriate when:

  • A patient is intending to change the positioning of their teeth slightly
  • There are minor underbite or overbite issues
  • Whitening or bleaching is not making a significant enough difference in the discolorations or staining of the teeth
  • There are gaps in between teeth
  • Teeth have become fractures without any major decay
  • If the contours, shapes or sizes of a tooth need to be altered.

Of all restorative measures, veneers are the most effective at mimicking the natural appearance and function of real teeth and have become the preferred method of fixing cosmetic concerns because of the simplicity of the procedure and the versatility of the potential results.

How Restoration with Porcelain Veneers Works

The process itself has become quite simple because of the technological advancements that Lifetime Family Dental has implemented. He starts with a comprehensive smile analysis, using the latest in 3D imagery to create a visual mapping of every detail, crevice, and angle of your teeth. The smile analysis also includes a detailed discussion with his patient concerning exactly which tooth (or teeth) are in need of a veneer, why you feel this is the best option after doing the appropriate research, and what his opinion is concerning all the options available to you. If veneers remain the best option, he works with you to customize the desired look until there is a perfect representation through cosmetic imaging of exactly what you want for him to use as a guide. Then a routine procedure is used to implement the plan.

Lifetime Family Dentistry is Experienced in Using Veneers

Lifetime Family Dental is devoted to perfecting the sculpting art and high-tech science of the veneers process. Having become known for his work in porcelain veneers for Raleigh area patients, he can provide you with astounding results. To consult with us on whether this procedure would be right for you and your goals, give us a call today.