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Many of our patients have had difficult experiences concerning dental procedures in the past, and Lifetime Family Dental has made it a priority to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and has a painless experience. Over 75 percent of Americans have some form of dental-related anxieties and close to 15 percent, over 40 million Americans, have a true phobia which prevents them from allowing recommended routine examinations required to maintain their oral health.

While many of our patients can overcome their general nervousness through discussing the procedures extensively, practicing breathing exercises or requesting a break to calm down, or even listening to music through headphones for certain procedures, there are patients whose fears are debilitating and keep them from visiting the dentist.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a specialized dental service requiring additional training and equipment. For those with a phobia of dental work, sedation therapy makes maintaining their oral health a possibility again. Although many people joke that it is “sleep dentistry,” and you do feel sleepy while under the influence of the medications, the average patient who receives sedation dentistry is actually awake throughout the procedure. They are completely relaxed and will have no memory of the experience. This is called Oral Conscious Sedation (OCS), where the medication is given in pill form and the effect of diminishing the senses during the procedure is comprehensive and amnesiatic, despite being considered a moderate level of sedation.

Lifetime Family Dentistry Is a Sedation Dentistry Expert

Lifetime Family Dental has completed additional comprehensive programs to be appropriately skilled to perform sedation therapy. To ensure safe practices, he has the appropriate monitoring equipment, like the pulse oximeter, oxygen equipment, and reversal medication agents.

Having been trained at the prestigious Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation, Lifetime Family Dental is experienced in the analysis of your medical history and your emotional state to guarantee that you receive the right kind of sedation medication, the easiest way for that the medication to be dispensed, and the correct amount that you need. This insures the procedure or treatment you require will be worry-free, painless, and relaxed.

Whatever your level of fear or phobia, and the complex or extensive nature of the procedure or treatment, Lifetime Family Dentistry has the training, experience, equipment, and compassion to make sure that your experience is comfortable, relaxing, and painless. We want to restore and maintain your oral health while eliminating the possibility of panic or suffering. Call us today to discuss sedation dentistry. Do not let fear affect your oral health.