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Teeth whitening is a common way to improve one’s smile and confidence. There are many different approaches to teeth whitening and although some over-the-counter methods may be tempting, the most effective and safe methods remain those found in a dentist’s office. Lifetime Family Dental uses a procedure that is the latest and most advanced you’ll find. If you have lightly discolored or stained teeth, there is no better alternative than here with Lifetime Family Dental.

Smile for the Camera! Before and After Pictures

We love to take pictures to show off our “before” and “after” results with all our customers. It is up to you whether you want to bleach both your upper and lower set of teeth, or just one or the other. The chemicals used are so safe that they pose no risk to any existing dental work or your underlying tooth structure. After this safe and effective treatment, we’ll ask to smile for the camera – if you want. We have a feeling we won’t need to tell you to smile once you see how your teeth look.

How it’s Done

When you come in for your consultation, an impression is taken of your teeth to create a “stent.” These clear, mouthguard-looking splints are molded within a few days and ready for you to pick up. We provide a specialized bleaching agent that you put into the stents to wear for 3-4 hours each night for up to two weeks, depending on the level of discoloration or staining.

The bleaching bubbles pull the stains out of your enamel leaving behind a brilliantly white smile, surely to be noticed by all those around you. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest, safest, and most inexpensive ways to change your dental appearance and make an impression on those you meet every day.

Lifetime Family Dentistry

You can get your teeth “whitened” with toothpastes and strips, but those have very mixed and weak results. Those in Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding areas of the Triangle are encouraged to come see us and have the professionals get you the bright, white smile you deserve.