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Lifetime Family Dentistry performs tooth extractions for patients in Raleigh when necessary. It can be a frightening thought, that one may have to lose a tooth, but there are almost always ways of bringing the mouth back to its former feel and appearance.

Why you may need a tooth to be extracted

Tooth extractions are performed for a variety of reasons.

  • A tooth may be so decayed that it cannot be repaired with a crown, filling, or other restorative measures
  • Surrounding gums may have advanced periodontal disease
  • A tooth may have been broken in a manner where repair is not a possibility
  • And many other possibilities
What is an extraction?

An extraction is simply a tooth removal from its socket in the bone. There are two kinds of extractions, a simple and a surgical. A dentist can typically perform simple extractions in the office with the use of a local anesthetic.  

A surgical extraction is more complicated. A complete panoramic x-ray is typically required to show the relationship to the sinuses, any infections, tumors, bone diseases or potential problems with proceeding with the extraction. In some cases, a tooth is too strongly attached to the socket and it requires “sectioning” to remove it.  By cutting it into pieces, and then removing each one, it allows that strong anchoring to be removed. During the extraction process, you can typically feel pressure, but shouldn’t feel any pain due to anesthesia medication.

Lifetime Family Dentistry performs teeth extractions

While getting a tooth pulled can cause some anxiety, we are confident the procedure can be handled in a way that minimizes pain and risks. Lifetime Family Dental is experienced in tooth extraction, and those in the Raleigh area should feel confident leaving the details in our hands.