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Emergency tooth extraction


Do you have a dental emergency and need to talk to a dentist immediately?

Emergency and same-day appointments are welcomed.

Chrisotpher Gudger DDS


Highly skilled dentist ready to take care of all your
emergency dental needs.

At Lifetime Family Dental, we understand that emergencies can occur at any time, and the comfort and safety of our patients is our priority. We make every effort to offer dental emergency care services the same or next day.

Our doctors specialize in a full range of dental procedures, from General and Cosmetic Dentistry to Dental Implants Treatments and Periodontics. Working in a state-of-art dental facility with a completely digital workflow, Dr. Gudger and his team are prepared to solve the most complex dental problems at one location, often in just one day—no need to travel to different offices, meeting with multiple doctors.

Whether or not you have been our patient in the past, Dr. Gudger will ensure that you are seen and helped as soon as possible.

5 star google reviews


Dr. Gudger and his team  of dental professionals enjoy hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook – more than most other practices in the Raleigh area.


emergency tooth

Are your teeth hurting or do you have a broken tooth?

Does a tooth hurt when you eat? Is your tooth sensitive to hot or cold? Does your pain come and go? These are common symptoms of a cracked, chipped, or fractured tooth. If left untreated, your tooth and the surrounding bone and gum tissue can become infected. Don’t wait any longer to restore your teeth to their healthy state. Come in today.

dental extraction

Do you need an emergency extraction?

If you’re in pain and think you may need an extraction, contact us right away. Pulling a tooth should always be the last resort, especially since there are many different treatments to save natural teeth. But sometimes, a badly damaged or injured tooth can’t be saved. Dr. Gudger will work with you to assess your options for replacing a missing tooth. To get out of pain and avoid further complications, call us immediately.


Are you in pain?

Common dental problems come with some level of pain. In fact, cold sensitivity is common in periodontal patients. The extend of your pain determines whether you have a dental emergency or a problem that just requires a scheduled evaluation.

If you have pain, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers at home until your appointment. If your pain is severe, throbbing, or does not minimize with over-the-counter pain relievers, you need to call to be seen immediately.

periodontal disease

Are your gums swelling?

Gum swelling with or without pain can indicate a severe mouth infection. If that swelling is mild, you may need a periodontal evaluation for its cause. But if that swelling is severe or extends to your face, it is considered severe and needs immediate attention.

Some causes of gum swelling are:

  • Gingival Abscess – a swelling that occurs when something foreign gets stuck under your gums. One common culprit of a gingival abscess is something like a popcorn kernel. Typically, it will work itself out on its own.  But if the swelling continues or worsens, you should be evaluated with a scheduled appointment.

  • Periodontal Abscess – a swelling that occurs when patients have severe periodontal disease with an active infection that requires prompt attention. If the area is in the mouth only without pain, you can call the office for an appointment. However, if the swelling has spread to your face and you’re are experiencing pain, you have a severe infection that requires immediate attention.  

  • Pericoronitis – inflammation around the gum tissue surrounding a partially erupted tooth. While this inflammation is usually mild and can resolve on its own with proper oral home care, it can become severe if you experience severe pain and face swelling and will require immediate attention.

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